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Before the marina was "The Marina" it all began as Concession #1 and home to the Lake Tyler Cafe in the early 50's here on Concession Bay. The cafe was owned and built by Claude King and served burgers, sold bait, filled you up with gas and was one of the two spots to launch your boat on Lake Tyler; the second spot being Concession #2 which is now the home of "The Boulders". In the 70's King built the King's Marina and Restaurant which is now the foundation of our current operations.  The marina has been home to various families that helped develop it to the place it is today such as Roland and Peggy Shelby, operators of the Lake Tyler Marina Resort in the 80's. Under the management of the Shelby's the bar and restaurant next door was leased out the bar next door to lake favorites like Elmo's, Finn's On The Lake. Dell and Terri Wagner were the operators of the marina from 2014-2019 and hosted spots like The Harbour and The Landing next door before Brent and Misty Allen took over complete operations of the marina and RV park at the end of 2019 of the Lake Tyler Marina Resort. Since they have taken over the marina they have developed their own restaurant and bar  The Lakeside Grill opened for business Memorial Day weekend of 2021, developed a second RV site, installed an upgraded gas pump system and a full makeover of the interior. Allen is working on developing a third premium campground with exclusive RV camping experience. The LTMR is ever developing, growing and expanding their horizons. 


The LTMR serves many purposes including a boat launch, a convenience store, camping spots, RV hookups, eats and treats, a full-service bar, gas fuel spot and fishing. There are many things to do while you spend some time out on the lake with us; we have many things such as car and boat shows throughout the year, haunted hayrides for Halloween, "Breakfast With Santa" for Christmas and plenty of more family inclusive events that you can find on our calendar. We are always growing and looking for ways to expand the opportunities and involvement with the community. We will be developing a 3rd premium RV site starting in the fall of 2022. If you are looking to host any sort of family reunion, rehearsal dinners, weddings or family photographs we can help accommodate you with that also on our 22 acres that we have here. 


At The Marina we sell an assortment of items including
  • Fishing Gear- bobbers, minnow containers, weights and fishing line.
  • Bait & Tackle- we sell minnows, nightcrawlers, shrimp and a variety of bass and other fishing lures.
  • Camping Supplies- sunscreen, bug repellant, lighters, batteries and  hygiene products.
  • The Stuff You Forgot- charcoal, disposable cups, plastic cutlery, disposable food trays, disposable ice chests and paper towels.
  • Snacks and Stuff- assorted can and liter sodas, graham crackers, marshmallows, assorted chocolates and cereal.
  • From The Grill-breakfast served daily from 7am-11am and lunch served from 11am-5pm. view our menu on the "restaurant" page.
  • Gas Station- pull right up on your boat and fuel up at one of our 2 ethanol free gas pumps. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover along with cash pay inside.
  • Bagged Ice- We have 10lb and 20lbs bags of ice available from Tyler Ice Company in a double freezer in front of the store.
  • For The Kids- we even have an area of items such as toys, playing cards and other things to keep your kiddos entertained and out of your hair while you are on vacation. 
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright


Lake Tyler was constructed in 1949 and covers approximately 2,400 surface acres. This lake has served as a major water supply source since its construction. Lake Tyler also serves as a major recreation center for this area, under strict sanitary controls. The City maintains six recreational areas adjacent to Lake Tyler and Lake Tyler East. Lake Tyler is located on Prairie Creek, a tributary of Mud Creek, and lies in the Angelina River watershed. It has a storage capacity of over 15 billion gallons (46,000 acre feet) at spillway elevation and has an average depth of 17.6 feet. It has a watershed area of 42 square miles.

Lake Tyler East was completed and the dam closed in 1967. The lake was filled to capacity in 1968 and is connected to Lake Tyler by a connecting channel. This channel, in effect, forms one lake with Lake Tyler from the standpoint of water supply. Lake Tyler East has a surface area of approximately 2,500 acres, a watershed area of 62 square miles and an average depth of 16.5 feet. The lake has slightly less storage area than Lake Tyler. The two lakes have a combined safe yield of approximately 30 million gallons per day (mgd). Lake Tyler East is located on Mud Creek and lies in the Angelina River watershed. Recreational use of this lake is the same as for Lake Tyler.